iTournament Bracket Features!

Here's a glimpse of what other features iTournament Brackets offers.

  • Create pool play schedules.
  • Auto create pool play schedule (2-4 games who’s playing who up to 24 teams) within pools or outside of pools. Pool play game amounts can be unlimited.
  • Insert Excel spread sheet pool play schedule. No need to set up teams or locations they will automatically be created for that tournament if they don’t already exist.
  • Overwrite pool play standings (current set up, winning %, wins, head to head (if only 2 teams with same record), score against, score for).
  • Set all your playing locations up only one time and add or edit them anytime for all of your tournaments.
  • Create single, double and 3 game guarantee brackets, combined with pool play or by itself.
  • Auto fill bracket based on pool play standings.
  • Display bracket team seeding next to each team name within the bracket.
  • Set up multiple brackets off of one tournament. Multiple Brackets
  • Consolation brackets for 4, 8, 16 and 32 teams. Consolation Bracket
  • Overwrite the message on the bracket with your own message, so instead on seeing Number 1 Seed you could write Pool A #1 Seed.
  • Validate your games for any location conflicts across multiple tournaments.
  • Send out text message complete game alerts.
  • Post your tournaments for online team signups!
  • Add a note (ie tournament rules) to your tournament page.
  • Add a scrolling message to your tournaments. This is good for a rain delay message. Scrolling Message
  • View the entire schedule at the same time if you have multiple age groups. View the entire schedule
  • Set up a team overall standings/schedule and team points for tournament placement if needed. This allows you to set up your teams to be used in multiple tournaments and keeps track of what that team did. Team Page
  • Add pitching/inning counts.
  • Your own league tournament page (customized if you want!)
  • Auto log in, with no email and password. Great for mobile devices!
  • Mobile friendly score updates with auto login.
  • Drop a fourth pool play game.
  • Update multiple game times at the same time. (Good for rain delays)

And always, suggestions are welcomed.