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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. This is not a support page, but some of the more common questions can be answered here.

Bracket Questions

Is this $29.99 per tournament or per year?
It's $29.99 per year, which means you can have an unlimited amount of tournaments.

Can a team be loaded more than once when filling in the bracket?
The short answer, no. The dropdown menus will not load the teams that have been selected for other games, only the teams that have not already been picked. If you have 20 teams, the dropdown menu will have 20 teams in it and every time a team is selected the next game will have that many less teams to choose from.

Do I have to keep on searching through the dropdown menu when filling out the bracket when I have a lot of teams playing?
Same as the above answer.

In the bracket, do I have to set the teams for every game?
The only times the teams are set are when you first fill in the bracket with the #1 Seed, #2 Seed... After that the dropdown menus are enabled and can't be changed unless you use the System Override button.

Can the bracket games end in a tie?
No. If a tie is set, a message will appear telling you that a game can't end in a tie.

Is there a way to edit a team name or field after I save it?
Once you save a team or field or even the Tournament, you can change the name to anything you want and in turn where ever the old name was it will be replaced with the new one. If you don't know the name of a team playing you can edit it after when you do know.

Do the games need to go in order they are numbered?
The game numbers are only a suggestion, but you can't add results of a game until there are 2 teams for that game.

How do people actually view these brackets/pool plays?
The brackets or pool play are viewed online by setting up a link from your league's website. If your league doesn't have a website you can send out a link via email. For example; the link on your website might look like, "Your Tournament Name" with the code behind the scenes; <a href="http://www.iTournamentBrackets.com/ LMPoolPlayGames.aspx?BracketKey=3502" target="_blank">Your Tournament Name</a>.

Does this work in all browsers?
There are about a zillion browsers out there, so the best way to check is do one of the "Print Brackets" on the right and see what it looks like. If it displays then it works with the browser you are using. This was tested on the most commonly used browsers; Safari, IE, Firefox and Netscape and it works fine on those.


Pool Play Questions

What order do the standings go in?
The standings go by; first winning percentage, second wins, third average runs against and then average runs for. Why you my ask? When you have an uneven amount of teams in a pool play, let's say like 5, one team isn't going to play the same amount of games as the other teams, so instead of dropping the worst game (which you can) or trying to figure out what to do, this solves all those problems. But... you can overwrite the pool play standings if you have something else in mind to sort the standings.

When you add a bracket to a pool play, does it fill in the bracket based on the standings of the pool play?
You can use auto fill to fill in your brackets based on the Pool Play standings or they can be filled in by the user.