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       New England Softball Club is a youth girl's Travel Softball Program based on Aquidneck Island, RI. Our Goal is to offer a safe and encouraging environment witch foster Character building and increase physical activity in young athletes in competitive play for our local area in order to compete at a higher level.


     NESC is a non-profit organization.501(c)(3). All donations would go directly to defray the cost associated with running the team. This allows NESC to offer a year-long program at a price parents can afford.


   As the founder, this organization was developed with the intention to give back to my community. NESC is a Portsmouth Fastpitch Travel Program. Our goal is to promote the sport in our community and surrounding towns.

We have  taken on a Boys AAU Team (CFP) Common Fence Basketball. This team is made up of Boys in the Common Fence Point Neigborhood in Portsmouth, RI. Our goal is to offer these young men a place they can call there own. They will learn valuable lesson by fundrasing for them selves and working in the community cutting lawns and helping the elderly in our cummunity to raise money to support there team.


We also offer Adult Women's & CoEd USSSA Softball 



Founder & President,                                                                                                   

Coach Lu Frias

54 Easton Ave.

Portsmouth, RI 02871                             


ASA Member # 1138294

Tax EIN 47-2865699



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