Darlington Girls Softball League Anti-Bullying Policy


Darlington Girls Softball League has adopted an anti-bullying policy. We consider that to be a range of behaviour from verbal teasing to physical aggression and that no amount of bullying is acceptable.


Not all joking or horseplay is bullying, but when the intent or effect is to cause distress, repetition of such behaviour is bullying and will not be tolerated. Physical bullying can include pushing, hitting, or kicking a person or interfering with their property. Verbal bullying is the use of words or gestures to hurt or humiliate another person, including name-calling, insults and teasing.

It is the responsibility of everyone to stop bullying. If you are being bullied, or know of someone being bullied, you must tell your coach or a member of the Board as soon as possible.

If a person involved in the league (and this includes players, coaches, parents and volunteers) has taken part in bullying behaviour, a warning will be given. If the behaviour continues, that person may be suspended or excluded from the park for up to one full game. Any further incidents will be referred to the Board for further action, which can include further warnings, discussions with parents, further suspensions or exclusions, ineligibility for playoff, tournament and/or all-star involvement, up to removal from the league.