2021 Playing Rules


Instructional II (8U) Division 



1.     No score will be kept for Instructional II games.  As such there will be no team standings kept.

2.     There will be a double-elimination playoff tournament held at the conclusion of the regular season.  Brackets will be drawn up based on the number of teams, bracket positions will be initially determined by random selection (pick from a hat). A Best of 3 tournamnet will be played if there are only 2 teams.

3.     A minimum of 8 players per team will be needed to conduct a game.  Teams will be allowed to borrow players from other teams within this division in order to fill playing vacancies, with the goal of reaching the optimum number of players (ten).

4.     Game times will be no more than 75 minutes in duration, or 5 complete innings.  A 3 inning game shall be considered a full game.

5.     A Worth R.I.F (reduced injury factor) level 1 11 inch softball will be used.

Substitutes (added 5/10/2010)

1.     A continuous batting order must be used; free defensive substitutions are allowed.

2.     If a player arrives late to a game, the player may be used immediately as a defensive substitute.  The player will be added to last position in the batting order and will take a turn at bat, even if the team has already batted through the line-up once.  For example, if a team has 11 players to start a game, and a 12th player arrived during the game, that player will assume the 12 position in the batting order (added 5/6/2010).

3.     If a player needs to leave a game early, simply remove the player from the line-up.  The team will not take an out when the player is scheduled to bat.  The player may not return to the line-up for the remainder of the game, but may be used as a defensive substitute (added 5/6/2010).

4.     If a player becomes injured and must leave the game an out will not be recorded for the player’s turn at bat.  The player may not return to the line-up once the player has missed her turn at bat, but may return as a defensive substitute (added 5/6/2010).


1.     A continuous batting order shall be used in all games.

2.     A coach from the team batting will pitch to players in this division. The coach must be in the pitcher's circle and have one foot on the pitching rubber. 

3.     Batters must wear proper head gear when at the plate, which includes a helmet with a face guard.

4.     There will be a maximum of 6 pitches per batter, or three strikes. If the batter has not put the ball in play after 6 pitches, or reaches three strikes, the batter will have a chance to hit off the tee (added 4/6/2021).

5.     Each half-inning will end by recording three outs.  There will be no more than 6 batters per half-inning.

6.     The batter will be allowed a maximum of one base for a ball hit in the infield, and a maximum of two bases for a ball hit beyond the infield with the liability of being put out.

7.     Base runners may advance a maximum of one base for a ball hit to the infield, and a maximum of two bases for a ball hit beyond the infield with the liability of being put out.

8.     A maximum of 6 runs can be scored in an inning. In playoffs, the 5th inning is unlimited (added 4/6/2021).

9.     Any batted ball touching the adult pitcher will constitute play being halted and no pitch being declared. The batter will return to the plate and resume the previous count, all base runners will return to the bases previously occupied. The adult pitcher must immediately attempt to get out of the way of defensive players once the ball has been pitched, and cannot impede a player from making a catch of throw.

10.  Each player that throws the bat will be given one warning, the next time the same player throws the bat, an out will be recorded whether the ball was hit or not. If the ball was safely hit, all base runners will return to the base that they previously occupied. When warnings are necessary, the umpire will inform the coach that a warning has been given, and will record the player’s uniform number on his/her line-up card.


1.     A maximum of ten defensive players will be used, consisting of a pitcher, a catcher, four infielders and four outfielders.

2.     Outfielders must remain in the outfield grass, and may not play in the infield area.

3.     No player shall sit on the bench for two or more consecutive innings.

4.     A defensive player will occupy the pitchers position on either side of the adult pitcher.  The defensive player may not be positioned in front of the pitching rubber.

5.     Catchers must wear required protective gear, consisting of shin guards, a chest protector and catcher’s helmet.

6.     Managers are encouraged to give infield and outfield opportunities to all players.

7.     Managers are allowed to reposition players during an inning.  This may be necessary in cases where a less experienced player is in the infield, and a more experienced batter comes to the plate.
8.     Coaches are allowed to be on the field to provide instruction when his/her team is on defense. The coach must position him/herself behind the infielders.

9.     If a coach that is on the field with the defensive team is struck by a batted ball, the batter and all base runners will be awarded (2) bases.

10.  For obvious reasons, there will be no infield fly rule in this division.

11.  There will be no tag up and advance on a pop fly caught by an infielder. Pop up or fly ball must be caught behind the infielders, by an outfielder in order for a runner to tag up and advance.