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CAYSA Covid-19 Guidelines

(Updated as needed)

State of Maine and USA Softball Guidance Links:

USA Softball Back to the Ballpark Guidance 05/11/2020

Maine CDC COVID19 Prevention Checklist Industry Guidance 05/20/2020


CAYSA Covid-19 Guidance Document PDF:

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CAYSA Covid-19 Waiver Form

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General rules:

CAYSA Covid-19 Guidelines - draft

- Players and fans and are recommended to screen themselves at home prior to coming to the ballpark. If they have a temperature exceeding 100.4, they should be asked to stay home. They should also not come to the ballpark if they are known to have been recently exposed to someone with COVID-19. If they exhibit any Covid symptoms, including but not limited to fever or chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new lost of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting or diarrhea, they are asked to stay home.

All players and coaches, travel and rec, will be required to fill out the USA Softball COVID-19 waiver before participating.


No food is allowed in the dugout or on the field at any time; water must be in individual bottles marked with the players name; no sharing at any time.

Masks are not required, but players are allowed to wear them; they are strongly encouraged for anyone that is at risk or may be in contact with someone that is at risk. It is recommended that coaches wear masks at practice and at games.

Social distancing of 6’ while on the playing/practice field is to be practiced when possible

Catchers equipment will be assigned to a player for the entire season; no sharing is allowed. Players may use their own equipment

No equipment, including but not limited to defensive masks, batting helmets, gloves, bats will be shared

Sanitizer will be placed in each dugout for rec events, and players are encouraged to bring their own. Players are encouraged to sanitize their hands in between innings. Travel players are required to provide their own sanitizer.

Players are encouraged to have their own helmet; those who are unable to provide one, will be loaned a helmet for the season

2 catching helmets will be assigned to each team; helmets will be assigned to a player, and only those two players are allowed to use those helmets. Shin guards and chest protectors will be sanitized before switching catchers. If helmets are to be assigned to another player, they must be turned in to a CAYSA board member to be sanitized before transferring. Catchers are

encouraged to use their own gear. Travel catchers are responsible for their own gear, and no sharing.

All players must register for CAYSA/USA Softball prior to practicing or playing; all players must sign a waiver before participating


Only one team assigned to a field at a time; practices will be scheduled 30 minutes apart to allow one team to clear out before the other arrives

No spectators at practice; parents may watch from their cars.

Girls are asked to store equipment bags along the fence line, outside the field of play, at least 6’ apart

All general rules still apply, including social distancing during all drills and practice events; coaches are encouraged to work with players in small groups spread out over the field as much as possible


Games will be scheduled with 20 minutes between games to allow teams to clear the field; players and fans are asked to leave the field immediately following their game.

Pre-game warm up time will also be scheduled; teams will be given 20 minutes to warm up in the outfield prior to game start - teams will be assigned warm up areas to allow for social distancing

Dugouts will be assigned; players are asked to store equipment bags along the fenceline, 6’ apart

Only bats and batting helmets should be stored in the dugout, in appropriate racks. No sharing.

Only 3 girls will be allowed in the dugout at a time to allow for social distancing; benches or designated areas will be placed outside the fenceline for girls not in the dugout at that time; girls will sit 6’ apart, and these distances will be marked. A coach will be assigned to watch girls outside the dugout

Social distancing will be applies to all base coaches, meetings with coaches and officials and mound visits

There will be no shaking of hands prior to or after games; there will be no hands in cheers

All general rules still apply Spectators

No spectators are allowed along the right field or left field fence lines or behind the backstop/ bleachers will not be in use; spectators that need to use the porta potties are asked to maintain social distancing as they leave the spectator area.

Each player is allowed 2 adult spectators from their immediate household(s) only; spectators must view the game from outside the outfield fence; fans from the team assigned to the 3rd base dugout will remain in socially distanced family groups beyond the left field/left center field fence; spectators from the team assigned to the first base dugout will remain in socially distanced family groups outside the fence in right field/right center field. There will be no fans in center field, as designated by the outfield signs hung on the fence. Spectator areas will be marked by stakes and tape; fans are allowed in their assigned, designated fan areas only. Fan areas at Beaudoin Park will be from the left field foul pole to the stakes in left center field and from the right field foul pole to the stakes in right center field. Fan areas on Patriot Field will be from the stakes on the right field line to the stakes in right center field, and from the stakes down the right field line to the stakes in right center field.

We encourage all fans to wear masks, especially when leaving the spectator area.

As of 6/1/20, CAYSA will not be offering concessions.


Port apotties will be at Beaudoin Park only. Spectators and game personnel are asked to maintain social distancing when using the Port Potties. CAYSA will provide a washing station to use after using Porta Potties. Spectators and game personnel from Patriot Field will have to use the path from Patriot field to get to the Porta Potties, maintaining proper social distancing while walking to and from and while waiting in line.

CAYSA guidelines are understood to be in draft form. Guidelines may change or be added to as new issues come up, or as new information becomes available. All players, coaches and spectators are expected to follow all guidelines; player participation is contingent on these guidelines being followed. Failure to follow guidelines may result in spectators being asked to leave the facility, and may result in player participation being denied.



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