CAYSA Mission Statement and House League Rules


CAYSA Mission Statement:

            The mission of the Capital Area Youth Softball Association (CAYSA) is to create a positive learning experience for all participants that promotes good sportsmanship, teamwork and discipline in a safe environment, while striving to improve the softball skills of the participants as an Amateur Softball Association (ASA) affiliate.

League Objectives:

·      To teach the importance of good sportsmanship.

·      To create a positive environment at practice and games to promote the enjoyment of the game for all participants.

·      To improve the skills and confidence of participants during the course of the season.

·      To insure that the programs and equipment are safe.

·      To insure that the facilities are clean, safe, well-maintained and a source of pride.

·      To have all coaches/managers promote learning the value of team play, while giving as much individual attention to all participants as possible.

General Policies:

            In the following sections, CAYSA sets forth its intent regarding the several divisions of play.  General policies are set forth first, followed by individual specialized policies for each division.  

            Divisions are set up on a two-year basis.  For instance, Instructional consists of 7 & 8 year olds; 10-U consists of 9 & 10 year olds and 12-U consists of 11 & 12 year olds.  Our 14/16 division consists of girls 13-16.  Finally, there is an important section on team responsibilities,including coach and parent obligations.


            **Head Coaches for each House team are required to pass the USA Softball Background Check and ACE Certification.  This background check and certification is obtained online at  This is required for all head coaches.


            Uniforms are NOT to be cut or altered in any way.


            Each year Instructional Players are simply placed on teams.  Returning players are typically drafted or placed on teams in such a way to spread the talent out across all teams to balance the teams out.

            For 10-U through 12/16-U, there is a placement draft for all players prior to the season.  Every effort is made to balance the teams, with emphasis on an equitable distribution of demonstrated or potential pitchers and catchers.  

Game Participation:

            All players in attendance at game time will be placed in the batting order and play.  Players arriving late will be placed at the end of the batting order without penalty.

            To ensure participation and diversity of experience, all players must play at least three innings, including at least one inning in the infield & outfield.  Pitchers and catchers for the game are not subject to this requirement.

            All players present must receive at least on at-bat.

            Players must keep their shirts tucked in at all times. In cold weather, we encourage players to wear warmer clothing under their uniforms.  In extreme conditions, they are allowed to wear clothing over their uniforms.  Pitchers must not wear white or yellow long-sleeved shirts.

            For 10-U through 14/16-U, a team must have at least 8 players to start a game.  Once started, a game may continue provided each team has at least 7 players at all times during a game.

Game Length:

            Instructional games are 1 hour long, beginning at the scheduled start time.

            10-U through 14/16-U games have a time limit of 1 hour 45 minutes from the scheduled start time.  No new inning may begin after the 1:45 time limit, but innings in progress may be completed.

            Extra innings may be played if there is no game scheduled on the same field after the game, otherwise tied games may be called as tied, or completion at another date by mutual consent of the coaches.  In the absence of agreement, games will be completed at the time or later or forfeited.

Mercy Rule:

            Given CAYSA’s time limits and its desire for girls to learn the game, we will not use the ASA mercy rules.  However, if a game becomes excessively one-sided, with mutual consent of the coaches, the scoreboard may be turned off and/or, in extremes cases, the game may be called.


            The 10-U and 12-U divisions will have a single-elimination postseason playoff. All the ASA ad CAYSA league rules will apply, with the exception that the time limit for the championship game is waived.  Seating in playoffs will be determined by a drawing.  The regular season will not determine seating because we want to encourage developing players during the regular season.  So teams will not be penalized for developing players or for giving players an opportunity to play a different position.

Reporting Games:

            The winning manager is responsible for calling the Kennebec Journal Sports Desk (623-3811) before 10 P.M. to report the outcome of the game.

            You generally will need to know the team names, team won-lost record, score, winning pitcher and the top three hitters for each team.



Instructional Division


            CAYSA stresses the development of the individual player as a team player in the learning of softball skills.  At this level, our primary focus is teaching the fundamentals of softball.

            We also strive to instill self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of fair play into these beginning softball players.

            CAYSA has purposefully chosen not to over-regulate this division.  We discourage the counting of runs scored and emphasize the learning part of the program. Parents are encouraged to participate, particularly at home by playing catch, etc.

            Simply put, our goal at this level is to introduce girls to the game, teach them the basic skills and let them learn and enjoythe game of softball and have funplaying it.

            Helmets: Batters must use helmets and masks when available. Chin straps are required.

            Defensive Coaching: Defensive coaches are allowed to be on the field, at positions outside the foul lines and beyond first and third base, to facilitate coaching players in the field.  They must avoid interference with the base runners and/or base coaches.

10-U Majors Division

Game length: Games are 6 innings or a time limit of 1 hr., 45 mins.

(Refer to Game length Section) 

Coaches:Only 3 coaches & a bookkeeper per team during the game. The bookkeeper is to remain in the dugout. The other coaches are asked to stay close to the dugout during game play. 

10U Pitching – No one pitcher can pitch more than 3 innings in one game. Since this is a developmental league, CAYSA encourages coaches to introduce creative ways to enhance the development of players. Therefore, if the coaches agree before the start of the game, they can put in play and relay changes to the umpires. They should also make every attempt to in- form the parents of said changes for the day so there is little confusion when something new happens. 

Batting:All girls bat in the rotation. Teams bat ONLY once through the order per inning, but 3 outs ends the inning. 

Bunting:Bunting is allowed. 

Base stealing: Base stealing is allowed if the pitch is dropped and goes beyond the reach of the catcher. A player cannot leave the base un- til after the pitched ball has reached home plate. A player leaving her base before the pitch has reached home plate will be called out. 

Dropped third strike: The dropped third strike rule does not apply in the 10-U division. Base runners may not advance to home on a passed ball. Runners from third base must be walked in or batted in - exception under pass ball rule. 

Passed Ball : Teams may ATTEMPT to score/advance on (2) passed balls per inning from 3rd 

Fielding: Every player must play at least 1 infield & 1 outfield position per game. Moving all players around defensively is strongly encouraged.  There are 4 outfield positions on the field in 10U games.

4 Run Rule: An inning ends after a team scores 4 runs.
The 10U Majors division plays by ASA Rules & Guidelines, except as noted above to benefit the CAYSA house league. 


10-U Minors Division

Game length: 6 innings or 1 hr 30 min. 

Coaches:Coaches are encouraged to participate on the field for instruction. 

Pitching:Coaches will start the season pitching but will integrate player pitching as pitchers develop. When players are ready, coaches will step in to pitch when a player pitcher has thrown 5 pitches without a hit to a batter. 

Batting:All girls will bat. Teams will change offense and defense when 3 outs are recorded or a team has gone through their line-up. Each batter will receive 10 pitches, with a minimum of 5 swings, to get a ball in play. If they have not hit a ball in play, an out will be recorded. A foul on pitch number 10 will constitute an additional pitch. 

Bunting:Bunting is not allowed.
Base Stealing: Base stealing is not allowed. Taking a lead from a 

base is allowed. 

Dropped third strike/Passed Ball: Dropped third strike rule and passed ball does not apply. 

Fielding:All players will be in the field and rotated. 


12-U Division

            Game Length: Games are 7 innings or a time limit of 1hr., 45 minutes.

            Coaches:Only 2 coaches & a bookkeeper per team during the game.  The bookkeeper is to remain in the dugout. The other coaches are asked to stay close to the dugout during the game.

            Batting: All girls bat in the rotation.  There is not “bat around” limitation.

            Pitching Rules: There is no limit in terms of the number of innings a pitcher can pitch in a week.  However, using pitchers that have practiced at home and proven they can they can consistently throw strikes is strongly encouraged.

            Bunting: Bunting is allowed.

            Base Stealing: Base stealing is allowed once the ball has been released from the pitcher’s hand.  A player leaving her base before the pitch has been released will be called out. Players CAN advance on an attempted throw-out, if the ball is missed & goes into the outfield.

            Dropped third strike: The dropped third strike rule applies in the 12-U division. A player may attempt to advance to first base after a dropped third strike when (a) there are less than 2 outs and first base is unoccupied at the time of the pitch; or (b) there are 2 outs, regardless of whether first base is occupied at the time of the pitch.

            Fielding: Every player must play at least 1 infield & 1 outfield per game. Moving players around defensively is strongly encouraged.

The 12-U Division plays by ASA Rules & Guidelines, except as noted above to benefit the CAYSA house league.


14/16-U Division

            Game Length:Games are 7 innings or a time limit of 1hr., 45 mins.

            Batting:  All girls bat in the rotation.  There is no “bat around” limitation.

            Except as modified by the General Policies, this division plays by established ASA rules. An exceptionto this is that a pitcher removed from the mound may be replaced to the mound one time during the game.


Team Responsibilities

Concession Stand:  It is intended that the concession stand be open whenever there is a game at Beaudoin Park (BP), for Instructional through 14/16-U.

            Each Home Team at BP Field will provide 3 parents to help in the stand.

            A team parent (Mom or Dad) will be responsible for scheduling 3 parents to run the stand for each game; one money handler and two cooks.  In order for the stand to be profitable & an asset to CAYSA, we need your support.

            The league reserves the option to delay the start of the game where there are inadequate stand volunteers.  Any delay will be deducted from game length.

Equipment:  Bags should contain, catching gear and practice balls.  Please do not take and keep helmets for the season.  They should be taken from & returned to BP blockhouse, or Patriot Field storage lockers promptly after each game or practice. Bases must be stored at their respective fields.

            New Balls: For 10-U majors through 14/16-U, each team will get 12 new balls. 10U minors will get 6 new balls. Bring one to each game and keep for practice balls afterward.

            Dragging and Lining Fields: This is theresponsibility of the Visiting Team, but sharing of the work is encouraged. PLEASE use the 2” setting on the chalking machine for line width.

            Cancellation Policy: It is the responsibility of the board (or president) to determine if a game will be cancelled or postponed due to weather or insufficient players.

            Our goal is to play ball, so a little damp weather shouldn’t stop a game.  But do consider field condition and safety.  As noted, games can start with 8 players per team.

            Postponements due to shortage of players, if known ahead of time, should be rescheduled.  A shortage of players is different than not having all of your most skilled players! A shortage only found at game time may be called a forfeit, but mutual agreement to reschedule is encouraged.

            A delay of 10 minutes past game time will be allowed for arrival of players before a shortage is determined, after which the game should be canceled/postponed.

            Game length will be shorted by any delay up to 10 minutes. In the spirit of “play ball” teams may mutually agree to share players in order to field teams for a given game.

            Notification of Umpires: If a game is cancelled or postponed but the umpire shows up because he has not been notified by us, we are obliged to pay him.

            Therefore, the board member cancelling or postponing a game are responsible for notifying the scheduled umpire as soon as possible, at least 1 ½ hours before game time.  A list of umpires & schedule of their games will be provided to each coach. A copy will be posted in the concession stand.

            Rescheduled Games:For teams, contact the CAYSA Scheduler to schedule a field or the BP batting cage for practice, or to schedule a make-up day, time and field for a game that has been previously cancelled/postponed.

            For 10-U through 14/16-U, umpires for the rescheduled game must be scheduled through the CAYSA Scheduler at least 3 days before the new game date.

            The need to reschedule games takes precedence over practice times, which may be cancelled or adjusted as needed.  This includes Travel Team practices, but not previously scheduled Travel Team tournaments.

            Generally, Saturday afternoons, Sundays and a few days in the latter part of the season are available for make-ups, as well as off-site fields the can be scheduled, if desired.

            Beaudoin Park Scoreboard: An additional parent or responsible teenager/sibling is acceptable to run the scoreboard.

            The remote to run the Beaudoin Park scoreboard is kept in and must be returned to the BP concession stand immediately after the game.

            Don’t expect concession volunteers to operate the scoreboard.

            Patriot Field Scoreboard: An additional parent or responsible teenager/sibling is acceptable to run the scoreboard.

            The remote to run the scoreboard is in the first base storage room.  It is on top of the electrical panel.  Please return the remote to this location immediately after the game.

            Keys and Combination Locks: Keys to the Beaudoin Park dugout storage doors are located on a nail to the left of the Beaudoin Park electrical panel.  Keys to the Patriot Field dugout storage doors are located in a lock box in Patriot Field’s third base dugout.  Please return the keys immediately after you use them.  The combinations to the locks to Beaudoin Park concession building, the tractor storage building, the Patriot Field lock box and the batting cage/batting cage storage building will be issued to CAYSA personnel at the beginning of the season. Please do not share these combinations with anyone.

            Lining the ball field: Chalking machine, chalk, string and batting box template is located in the dugout storage on both Beaudoin Park and Patriot Field.  Use the 2” setting for the chalking machine.  Use the batting box template to draw lines around home plate. Remove the template and chalk over the drawn lines.  Tie the string to a nail or screwdriver and set in the ground at the point at the back of home plate.  Stretch the string down the 3rdbase line making sure it lines up to the dugout side of 3rdbase.  Chalk over the string from the batter's box to the outfield grass. Swing the string over to the 1stbase line with the string going the center of the 1st base safety base. Chalk over the string from the batter's box to the outfield.  The pitching rubber is set at 43 feet from the back of home plate to the front of the pitching rubber for 14/16-U, 40 feet for 12-U and 35 feet for 10-U.  Tie the string to a nail or screwdriver set in the ground midway in front of the pitching rubber.  Measure 8 feet and mark an 8 foot radius circle around the pitching rubber.  Chalk that line.  Optional: You can chalk 2ft 6 in radius On Deck circles between each dugout and home plate.